How National Material Optimizes the Supply Chain

National Material Company is known nationwide as an American-based supplier of steel products, but what sets us apart from the crowd?

In the world of metal manufacturers, most can process steel with similar capabilities, however the real competition comes into play when the strength of the companies’ supply chains are compared.

Here at National Material Company, we believe that our supply chain management is among the best in the industry, and we aim to pass on the cost benefit of our organizational skills to our customers.

NMC’s VA/VE team includes some of the most experienced business professionals in the world, bringing their proficiency and experience in delivering cost reduction to every project that we undertake. Through a variety of programs, we provide logistical services to customers operating on critical-path production timetables or manufacturers seeking to reduce their inventory carrying and handling expenses.

Below is an overview of the cost optimization programs that NMC employs.

13 steel service centers across North America

Our 13 plants have a processing capability of over 2,000,000 tons per year, and a total of 3.2 million square feet under roof.

Our plants are strategically located to save our customers on freight and shipping costs, which often ends up being a significant chunk of an OEM’s orders to a manufacturer.

  • 13 plants with processing capability of over 2,000,000 tons/year
  • 2 million square feet under roof
  • Plants strategically located to save you freight costs (Truck, Rail, Barge, etc.)
  • Access to expanded capabilities through our parent Company National Material Limited Partnership as well as multiple joint ventures partnerships.

Scrap programs

As much as we aim to reduce waste in our operations, it’s inevitable that in the product creation process a certain amount of scrap is left behind.

NMC is well-aware of the true economic value that robust scrap recycling programs can have.

Our programs include:

Scrap management programs:

  • Recycling containers and scheduled pickups
  • Logistics and transport
  • Brokerage services

Environmental benefits

  • NMC is committed to being environmentally responsible
  • Sustainable recycling programs reduce landfill waste
  • We are experienced in handling all materials, hazardous or otherwise

Inventory management

As stated above, National Material Company has over 3.2 million square feet of space under roof, a great deal of that space being dedicated to our inventory management initiatives.

NMC has developed a systematic process of steel inventory management services that we provide to our customers. Our management system is under constant revision and regularly undergoes enhancements that improve its value for our customers

MBE certified

As a minority-owned business, National Material is poised to help large corporations for their service and vendor needs.

Are you looking for a full-service MBE steel manufacturer with certification? Do your contracts require you to partner with an MBE-certified company? Look no further than National Material Company and gain the strategic advantage that only a diverse, MBE-certified company can provide.

Federal and state tax incentives

Companies that do business with minority-owned businesses can see benefits in the form of tax incentives, rebates, and breaks. A wide variety of governmental agencies will offer tax savings and credits for work contracted with an MBE certified company.

Our certification offers OEMs an opportunity to make a significant tax savings on their operations by optimizing their yearly spending on MBE business and increasing their ROI.

Stamping die solutions

National Material offers comprehensive knowledge and expert skill in high precision metal stamping dies, allowing us to achieve an extremely high level of accuracy.

Our stamping solutions are designed to create value for our customers in their turnkey operations by giving them an unmatched degree of confidence in the quality of the parts we’ve created for them. Advantages include: higher return on capital investment, quicker time to market, and drastically increased plant productivity.

By employing our stamping die solutions, National Material has achieved a level of manufacturing productivity and cost reduction through increasing our accuracy, and the cost savings is reflected onto our customers.

About National Material L.P. – National Material Limited Partnership and its affiliates have a long history of quality and service dating back to 1964. Since its founding, National Material L.P. has grown to over 30 business units and is now one of the largest suppliers of steel in America. The National Material group of industrial businesses consists of the Steel Group, Stainless and Alloys Group, Raw Material Trading Group, Aluminum Group, and Related Operations.

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