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Galvanized Steel

National Material Company continues to further increase our stake on the domestic and international steel industry by providing only the highest quality products you need to ensure the success of your next project.

NMC is proud to offer the highest quality Galvanized Steel treated with zinc to create a long lasting corrosion and rust resistant alloy. This process results in a material with the strength and formability of steel plus the corrosion protection of the zinc-iron coating. Zinc protects the base metal by providing a barrier to corrosive elements and also by the sacrificial nature of the coating providing a long-lasting and high-quality steel product.

While Galvanized Steel is used across many industries and for a variety of products, Galvanized Steel is most often used within the Automotive Industry, Construction Industry, Wind & Solar Industries, Energy Industry, and Telecommunications Industry.

If extra strength is all that is needed, Cold Rolled Steel might be the solution you are seeking.

galvanized steel
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