12 09, 2018

The Benefits of Our On-Site Metallurgical Lab

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The manufacturing of metal parts is a complex, highly-scientific process that must often be approached on a molecular level. By understanding how a metal molecularly transforms from mineral to a manufactured part allows for more consistent products. Having an on-site metallurgy lab, like National Material Company does, optimizes metal’s capabilities and increases product reliability. 

What is metallurgical analysis?

Metallurgical analysis is the study of a metal alloy’s chemical, mechanical, and physical properties.  Steel metallurgical analysis has been prominent since the industrial revolution where it became important to gain a deeper understanding of a metal’s ability to be altered with cold and hot workings. Deeper understanding of a metal’s properties meant manufacturers could make a wider variety of goods and make these goods more consistent and reliable. This is still true today.

Benefits of having a metallurgical lab on-site?

A metal’s microstructure can change over time and through its processing Having an on-site metallurgical lab helps ensure that the metal products meet the customer’s specifications.

When providing metals for industries such as automotive, agriculture, etc. it is critical that the metals used in their manufacturing meet the designated specifications given their designated end use.

What metallurgical testing does NMC offer? 

As a supplier of galvanized steel, hot rolled steel,  and cold rolled steel, National Material Company knows how many processes metals must go through before they are ready to be shipped to our variety of clients. We have an on-site metallurgical lab that puts our metals through a variety of tests including physical properties, hardness, coating weight and bake hard.  NMC has a variety of additional testing capabilities using their qualified network of testing labs.

We strive to exceed our customer expectations in all phases of the manufacturing process including metallurgical analysis and testing.

If you believe your company can benefit from our services, please visit us at http://www.nationalmaterial.com/or call (U.S.) 847-806-7200 to discuss how we can be of service.

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