National Material Steel Group was established in 1964 and is now identified as a leader in steel processing and supply-chain management. Servicing the needs of the steel industry and prominent industrial and consumer product manufacturers, NMC is a company that leads the way through efficiency, innovation, and performance.



  • Our experience in new platform launches with OEM’s and Stampers
  • A proven track record with OEM’s and mills
  • We produce world’s thinnest & widest stainless steel precision strip
  • A comprehensive in house and independent laboratory
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“I appreciate the safety standards we have here. They go above and beyond what’s required. Needless to say, accidents are a rarity.”
DJ Miller, Pickle Line Operator - Riverdale Ill.
“I’ve worked for National Material Processing for over 18 years. It makes me proud that trucker drivers come in and say they like when they are assigned loads out of our facility because of the service, turnaround, and courtesy.”
Susie Isaacson, Shipping / Receiving Coordinator. Chicago, IL.
“NMC has always provided support to me, as an employee and personally, outside of work. I appreciate this and show my appreciation by performing my job with quality and responsibility. I take pride in my part, assuring products going to our customers are received in perfect condition and according to all specifications.”
Carlos Reyes, Packaging Line Operator - NMM
“I enjoy interacting with different people and my position provides an abundance of this. I am proud to work here because of the values and integrity this company represents.”
Milan Nedeljkovic, Inside Sales Representative – East Chicago Indiana
“I like my job at National because it is not a job where I say to myself ‘I have to go to work.’ I like going to work. I am proud that our company works hard to give our customers a quality product and is always finding new ways to do things better.”
Robert Childers, Receiver/ Forklift Operator. Chicago, IL.
“The best part of my job is experiencing the gratitude from our customers for a job well done. Of course, a the people I work for and with make it all possible. We are a family.”
Edmundo Mendoza, Plant Manager. Chicago, IL.
“I like working for NMC because of all of the good people here. All the people I work with try to do a good job. I am happy that it feels like a family.”
Conrado Cortez, Driver. East Chicago,IN.