Case Studies

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As a top manufacturer of grain bins selling a highly competitive product with maximum steel content, NMC is constantly challenged to provide steel at very ambitious cost. Therefore, NMC is dedicated to continually pushing mill suppliers to provide competitively priced steel with short lead-time. NMC has never let Brock down with delivery. Service and quality [...]


RAO Manufacturing

Under constant solicitation from their customers to reduce costs, this experienced manufacturer of high pressure vessel covers has trusted NMC with their incoming cost requirements and strict operational quality standards for over 7 years. Success stories like this lead to less non-value added negotiations, ensuring that RAO Manufacturing doesn’t worry about the competitiveness of the [...]



As a company whose name is synonymous with irrigation systems, Reinke requires a dependable supply chain ensuring consistent gauge, width, chemistry, and physicals. NMC’s strategy to conserve scrap and increase operational efficiency has resulted in significant savings and the opportunity for Reinke to produce the same quality product they’ve delivered for well over 50 years [...]



In 2006, when Ford Motor Company decided to assemble the Fusion and MKZ platforms in Hermosillo, Mexico, they searched for a steel supplier to meet their needs. NMC was selected from a field of several steel service centers to construct and operate the exclusive storage and processing facility for all of Ford’s steel requirements in [...]