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Company Profile

National Material Company (NMC) is part of the National Material Limited Partnership (NMLP) steel division, which is one of the largest independent steel service centers in the United States. NMLP operates 16 steel service centers and processing facilities in United States, Canada and Mexico and ships over 2,000,000 tons of steel annually.

NMC operates ten of these steel processing facilities and service centers located in the U.S. and Mexico to serve the manufacturing needs of customers in a wide variety of markets (see below.) NMC specializes in supplying, servicing and processing steel with unmatched efficiency and capacity due to the company’s substantial list of capabilities.

Proud to be ISO-9002 Certified, and uncompromising in it’s safety standards for their employees, NMC is a company that leads the way through efficiency, innovation, and performance.


  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Appliance
  • Office Furniture
  • Computer
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Heavy Truck
  • Ship Building
  • Consumer Products
  • High Pressure Vessels
  • Transformer Manufacturing
  • Generator Manufacturing
  • Industrial Equipment


National Material Company affords our customers an “ease of doing business” unmatched by our competitors. Our assets are already in place, fully functional, and growing. The individuals that lead our operations and logistics strategies are some of the most experienced business people in the world, bringing their professional histories to your table. Never changing ownership or strategic focus since the company began, NMC continues to deliver a quality product efficiently and consistently, holding ourselves to the highest possible standards.

Advantages to working alongside NMC:

  • Our experience in new platform launches with OEM’s and Stampers
  • We have a proven track record with OEM’s and mills
  • The largest distributor of electrical steel
  • Top distributor of stainless steel worldwide
  • Top distributor of pre-paint in North America
  • Operate a stainless mill capable of producing world’s thinnest and widest stainless steel precision strip
  • Comprehensive In House and Independent Laboratory to Support Full Chemical and Physical Material Analysis
  • ISO-9002 Certified