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Advanced High Strength Steel

As the advanced high strength steel (AHSS) market continues to grow and improve, National Material is committed to staying on the cutting edge of production techniques.

Advanced high strength steel is the result of carefully crafted chemical compositions, made possible by ever-improving manufacturing processes, to achieve a wide range of strength, fatigue, formability, and conductive properties. This combination of light weight and incredible strength make advanced high strength steel is the answer to the growing regulatory needs of the automotive industry and beyond.

Its concentrated properties help manufacturers reach their emission, safety, and fuel economy goals. The increased formability lends itself to greater complexity, which reduces the overall amount individual parts – providing massive cost, time, and mass savings.


  • Bumpers
  • Seating
  • Chassis
  • Structural body parts

National Material Company is known the world over as a benchmark company in steel manufacturing industry. With over 2,000,000 tons of steel shipped annually and used for a variety of industries, National Material is primed and ready to work with you on any and all of your steel manufacturing needs. We’ve been meeting and exceeding the needs of the steel industry and leading industrial and consumer product manufacturers since 1964.

advanced high strength steel
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Advanced High-Strength Steel Grades Supported


Dual-Phase AHSS grades contains both ferritic and martensitic phases to achieve both strength and formaiblity. Dual-Phase steels are often used in automobile applications like safety cage, outer door, body, and hood structures, A and B pillars, roof rails, and rear shock reinforcements.

(~ 500-1000 MPa tensile strength)

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Martensitic steels are primarily martensitic with bainite and ferrite included. Martensitic steels have very high strength but low formability levels, so they are often used in automotive body parts in which deformation may be limited, like cross-members, side intrusion beams, bumper beams, and bumper reinforcements.

(~ 900-1500 MPa tensile strength)

Complex Phase

Complex-phase steels have high formability contain bainite, ferrite and martensite, and is further grain refined through the addition of vanadium, titanium, or vanadium alloys. Typical automotive applications include fender beams, door bars, seat flanges and A and B-pillar reinforcements.

(~ 800–1000 MPa tensile strength)

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Trip Steel

Transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steels contain ferrite, austinite, and martensite. TRIP steels have higher formability levels than other AHSS grades. TRIP is rapidly replacing dual-phase steels in certain applications because of its ability to be formed into complex components with high energy absorption. Usual applications include crash zone components in automobiles.

(~ 600–800 MPa tensile strength)

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Pressed Hardened Steel

Press-hardened steels (PHS) are an often used material in the automotive industry due excellent safety and lightweight properties, and is used extensively in safety and crash-resistant car body components. Applications include many safety components such as side impact beams, bumper beams and different types of reinforcement components.

(~ 1500–1800 MPa tensile strength)

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